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Visit the following sites for useful information:

Government of Canada site, chocked full of great links, information on import/export, starting a business, and contains space for you to list your business to access the global marketplace.

Our special thanks to Strategis for
directing people to the SBR site!

Canada/British Columbia Business Services Society
"The Canada / British Columbia Business Services Society offers
assistance and resources for those running or starting a business in BC. Visit us at our location in Vancouver for seminars or one-on-one consulting, or visit our web site for sample business plans, an online business workshop, and much more."

Not from BC? Contact the Canada Business Services Centre Network to find the nearest location to you.

Business Development Bank
The Business Development Bank provides funding for Canadian businesses who may not qualify at commercial banking institutions. Use their tools to develop your business plan, participate in their online survey and find out about special events that are geared towards entrepreneurs.

Business Women in Trade
This new web site is dedicated to Canadian Business women by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. It provides a practical guide on how to do business at home and abroad. Some of the features include: exporters preparation and know-how; calendar of relevant events; businesswomen’s surveys and studies; success stories of women exporters and much more.

Young Entrepreneurs Association of Canada
The Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) brings together business owners from all walks of life right across Canada. YEA provides a unique blend of support for all Challenges of self-employment-- it is your link to a community, a variety of resources and a collection of experiences that can help you succeed.



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